Monday, 7 August 2017

Virgin Media UK to close BBC3 Red Button Channel next week

Virgin Media Channel 106 (BBC Three) EPG is now saying "Red Button will be taken off on 14th August".

Media Boy Views: Will BBC Three be axe from Virgin UK Channel 106? If so will that mean that Local TV will move from Virgin UK Channel 159 to Virgin UK Channel 106?

Will that mean:
  • FOX HD moves from Virgin UK Channel 199 to Virgin UK Channel 159?

And we feel:
  • Dave Ja Vu may move from Virgin Channel 211 to Virgin Channel 191.
  • W HD may move from Virgin Channel 191 to Virgin Channel 194.
  • Dave HD may move from Virgin Channel 194 to Virgin Channel 199.

More if we get it but something is set to happen on August 14th.

Some text is the views of Media Boy HQ.