Saturday, 1 July 2017

Is Sky Sports set to launch two new channels?

The Following information is thanks to Cable Forum poster "JJ20X":

The following channels are testing right now on Virgin Media UK:

  • TSID 8, SID 809, Service Name: InternalASD
  • TSID 9, SID 915, Service Name: InternalBSD
  • TSID 23, SID 2303, Service Name: InternalAHD
  • TSID 35, SID 3503, Service Name: InternalBHD

Indications are that these channels will be in the Sky Sports packs and in the Sports section of the EPG on channels 519, 520, 509 and 510 respectively. The EPG programme information states "Coming Soon".

More information as MB HQ get it....

Info from Cable Forum and JJ20X.