Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Irish Times: Colette Fitzpatrick quits Newstalk show for TV3 role

Story from The Irish Times:

Broadcaster Colette Fitzpatrick has quit her role as a co-presenter of the breakfast show on radio station Newstalk after less than six months for a full-time job at TV3.

TV3 confirmed to The Irish Times on Tuesday evening that Ms Fitzpatrick is due take up a “full-time exclusive role” with the television station as a “senior news anchor”.

It is understood Ms Fitzpatrick informed Newstalk management earlier this evening of her intention to quit Newstalk Breakfast, where her co-presenters include crime journalist Paul Williams and Irish Independent columnist Shane Coleman.

The presenters currently operate a rotation schedule.

It is understood, however, that the punishing early morning schedule of the show may have played a part in her decision to leave.

The presenters go on air at 7am but their working day begins much earlier.

Ms Fitzpatrick is already employed by TV3 and has been a co-presenter of its Pat Kenny Tonight show with the veteran broadcaster, which returns for a new season this week.

It was speculated this morning that Ms Fitzpatrick had been cut from the roster of that show.

In relation to that speculation, TV3 this evening said the show was returning with “Pat Kenny at the helm”.

Newstalk was unavailable for comment on Ms Fitzpatrick’s decision to quit Newstalk Breakfast, but station management are understood to have been surprised by her decision.

She only joined the Breakfast show in September, in a wider shake up of its schedule.