Thursday, 25 August 2016

Local TV on MB Blog - Cambridge News: Cambridge TV for sale

Story from Cambridge News Online:

Cambridge's local TV channel operator Cambridge Presents, is up for sale.

Millionaire owner, Dr Peter Dawe OBE has found that control of the local licence bars him from standing for election as Mayor of Cambridgeshire, a job he wants.

He said several potential bidders had already been identified, and added: "I am very pleased with the progress of Cambridge TV. It has established itself well in the community and has some great relationships, particularly with university departments, arts organisations and business. Carl Homer, the station chief executive has created an exemplar local TV station on a very tight budget.

"While I hope someone from Cambridge will take up the project, so that it continues to reflect the unique character of Cambridge, my expectation is that it will be absorbed into one of the local TV chains."

Cambridge Presents was awarded the 12 year L-DTPS licence for Cambridge in September 2015. (It was the only bidder).

It has been making over 12 hours of new programmes per week covering local news, science, technology, business, academia, arts and local events.

It broadcasts on FreeView Channel 7 and Virgin Channel 159.

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