Monday, 8 August 2016

Broadband TV: Eos 4K box spells revamp for Virgin Media TV offer

Story from Broadband TV News:

Virgin Media will relaunch its TV service under the name Virgin TV, CEO Tom Mockridge has confirmed.

Parent Liberty Global plans to rollout its new Eos box – named after the Greek Goddess of the Dawn – across Europe and Latin America from late 2016.

“The relaunch under the brand Virgin TV in the United Kingdom with the new EOS box and the interface will give us a very significant step up in our ability to do on demand programming across its model forms and give our customers access to a wide range of over the top applications,” Mockridge told an investor call on Friday.

The 4K unit has the ability to run both Horizon and TiVo UIs.

Liberty Global president Mike Fries said he was pleased with the new TiVo interface: “It looks beautiful, great, super. It’s a terrific looking UI and we’ll be state of the art in that market and it’s the perfect migration path for us not just to stay relevant but lead in the video space in the UK.”

Sky will this week go live with the first 4K content on its new Sky Q receiver.

By offering the same box with some regional variations, Liberty has been able to bring down the cost of deploying its generation receiver while improving the feature set.

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