Friday, 20 May 2016

Recombu: Virgin Media scrapping Sky Sports 1 and 2 solo this summer

Story from Recombu:

You won’t be able to buy Sky Sports 1 or 2 on their own with Virgin TV from June onwards.

The cable company is getting rid of the option to add individual Sky Sports channels to a Virgin TV package, forcing customers to opt for a bundle of channels instead.

Currently you can take Sky Sports 1, home of Sky’s Premier League football coverage, or Sky Sports 2 for £21.50/month extra.

This is cheaper than going for the Sky Sports Collection - which gives you Sky Sports 1-5 plus Sky Sports F1 and Sky Sports News HQ - for £29.25/month.

As we reported last month, the standard price of the Sky Sports Collection on Virgin Media will be going up to £31.75/month in June.

Sky TV customers will similarly be paying £2.50 more for their Sky Sports bundles every month from June 1 onwards.

While this is bad news for customers who only wanted to take the one channel, we can confirm that the £7/month HD Premium required to watch Sky Sports games in HD is not going up in price.

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