Wednesday, 20 April 2016 Around 10,000 Irish homes had their TV connection shut off today

Story from (This story was posted on April 19th found by Media Boy HQ on April 20th):

Close to 10,000 households in Ireland will have lost their television signal today, after a transmission network was switched off last night.

The MMDS (Multichannel Multipoint Distribution System) broadcast transmission network provided a television service for households that weren’t connected by cable.

However, an EU directive issued in 2008 required that the existing broadcasting spectrum being used by the MMDS be made available after existing licenses on it expire.

This means that once the license expired, the spectrum would be recommissioned for use in other areas.

It is thought that it will be used for broadband and mobile services.

Virgin Media was up until last night the provider of the MMDS service.

That license expired at midnight last night – cutting off the television service of about .6% of Ireland’s 1.5 million TV customers.

This represents about 10,000 households.

The company said that it had made efforts to contact all of its MMDS customers in advance of the signal being shut off.

In a statement, the company said that it was required by ComReg to exit the license:

In advance of 18th April 2016, Virgin Media has been required by ComReg to facilitate an orderly exit from its licence and we can no longer provide this service from that date onwards.

It began sending out letters to affected households in January, advising them of the impending cut off and directing them towards other services.