Thursday, 24 March 2016

Local TV on MB Blog: Local TV channels to get new Channel numbers on Freeview from April 5th

Digital UK has confirmed that the following things will happen on April 5th:

Channels set to move to Freeview Channel 7:
  • BBC ALBA (Scotland only)
  • S4C (Wales only)
  • Estuary (Grimsby only)
  • Mustard (Norwich only)
  • London Live (London only)
  • Notts TV (Nottingham only)
  • Latest TV (Brighton & Hove only)
  • Sheffield Live TV (Sheffield only)
  • NVTV (Belfast only)
  • Made in Bristol (Bristol only)
  • Made in Leeds (Leeds only)
  • Made in Tyne and Wear (Newcastle only)
  • That's Solent (Southampton only)
  • Bay TV Liverpool (Liverpool only)
  • Big Centre TV (Birmingham only)
  • That's Oxford (Oxford only)
  • Cambridge TV (Cambridge only)
  • That's Manchester (Manchester only)
  • That's Lancashire (Preston only)

Channels set to move to Freeview Channel 8:
  • STV Glasgow (Glasgow only)
  • Made in Cardiff (Cardiff only)
  • STV Edinburgh (Edinburgh only)

No news yet on what will happen to Freeview Channel 23 after April 5th.