Thursday, 31 December 2015

Media Boy HQ reveal "Best of 2015" UPDATED


Here is the winners of the best of 2015:

Extreme Sports closes in UK and Ireland

AMC has close Extreme Sports in the UK and Ireland today.

Extreme Sports was broadcasting on Virgin UK Channel 525 and Virgin Ireland Channel 422.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Some names Changes set to happen in Early January 2016

Temporary name changes from January 5th 2016
  • Sky Movies Greats jumps into a phone booth, dons a cape and becomes Sky Superhero and Sky Superhero HD 
Name change from January 12th 2016
  • Sony Entertainment Television - channel 193 - will be changing its name to Sony Channel 

Extreme Sports to close on December 31st

AMC has confirmed that Extreme Sports will close in the UK on December 31st.

Extreme Sports is on Virgin UK Channel 525 and Virgin Ireland Channel 422.

RT added only to Virgin Media Ireland

We have just seen that Virgin Media Ireland did launch Channel 4 HD, Comedy Central HD, H2, RT and Nickelodeon HD on 11 November 2015.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Bike Channel set to launch on Virgin Media UK in 2016

Virgin Media UK Sources has tonight confirm to Media Boy HQ that "Bike channel" is set to launch in the new year on Virgin Media UK.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Virgin Media UK starts VEVO tests

Media Boy Sources has confirm that VEVO is now testing on Virgin Media UK. VEVO will only launch soon on TiVo via an app or Virgin UK Channel 344.

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Monday, 7 December 2015

Virgin Media Forum: UKTV Channels FREE to all on Virgin Media UK over Christmas

The following channels are available to all TV customers from now until 5th January 2016.

  • 124. Watch
  • 125. Watch +1
  • 130. Alibi
  • 131. Alibi+1
  • 191. Watch HD
  • 194. Dave HD
  • 200. Alibi HD
  • 247. Eden
  • 248. Eden +1
  • 249. Eden HD
  • 278. Good Food – This will be temporary rebrand to Christmas Food
  • 279. Good Food +1
  • 280. Good Food HD - This will be temporary to rebrand Christmas Food HD
  • 281. Home
  • 282. Home +1

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Four new channels launches on TiVo

Virgin Media UK has today added the following channels to WorldBox on TiVo boxes on Virgin UK Channel 834.

  • BFM TV (From France)
  • Ukraine Today (From Ukraine)
  • CTC (From Russia)
  • TGCOM24 (From Italy)

H2 HD launches on Virgin Media UK

After we first told everyone on November 4th about the launch of H2 HD on Virgin Media UK.

Virgin Media UK has today launch H2 HD on Virgin UK Channel 274.

Two UKTV goes Christmas

Both Gold and Good Food has been rebrand as Christmas GOLD and Christmas Food on the following channels numbers:

Virgin Media UK:
  • 126. Christmas GOLD
  • 127. Christmas GOLD +1
  • 278. Christmas Food
  • 279. Christmas Food +1
  • 280. Christmas Food HD

Virgin Media Ireland:
  • 120. Christmas GOLD
  • 153. Christmas GOLD +1