Monday, 29 June 2015

Latest News from Media Boy HQ on new channels testing

Last updated June 29th at 21:53:

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What is testing - here is the latest list of new channels testing we have (Text last updated on June 29th):
  • Virgin Media has now launch Nat Geo Wild HD on Virgin Channel 229.
  • Virgin Media are also testing Arabic Hafla right now. (June 2nd)
  • Arabic Hafla has been testing since February 21st with still no confirmed launch date.  

Virgin Media has now launch Nat Geo Wild HD on Virgin Channel 229. Nat Geo Wild HD was launch on June 2nd after Virgin Media did have some "technical issues" with Channel and was set to launch on both April 30th then on May 12th but did not appear.

Arabic Hafla has also been testing since February 21st 2015 with still no confirmed launch date.

We have also seen raw information that Virgin Media are testing up to 8 unknown channels under the name "V0--" some days over a last month. On June 29th it was confirmed that the tests is just something to do with Virgin on Demand.
Media Boy HQ thinks ARABIC HAFLA will launch soon on Virgin Channel 836.

For more info on Nat Geo WILD HD see Nat Geo Wild HD launches on Virgin Media.

What new channels may launch?

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