Thursday, 12 February 2015

Virgin Media move Virgin on Demand Rocks and axe Virgin on Demand Pop from EPG

Virgin Media has axe "Virgin on Demand Pop" from Virgin Channel 304 plus "Virgin on Demand Rocks" has move from Virgin Channel 306 to Virgin Channel 304 in the last 24 hours.

Media Boy HQ thinks maybe Virgin Media has signed an new deal with Viacom so maybe the following is set to happen due to Virgin on Demand Pop channel being axe from Virgin Channel 304 last night.
  • 306. Virgin on Demand Playlist (Moving from 309)
  • 308. MTV Live
  • 309. MTV Live HD (Moving from 311)
  • 311. MTV Classic

What channels are Virgin Media missing but is own by Viacom?
  • Nick Jr. +1
  • Comedy Central Extra +1
  • 5* +1
  • MTV CLASSIC (Broadcasts in UPC Ireland areas right now).
  • MTV +1
  • Spike TV (Channel set to launch later this year).