Friday, 28 February 2014

Radio today: Communicorp deal cleared by authorities.

The Irish Competition Authority has cleared Global Radio’s sale to Communicorp of the eight radio stations that Global are divesting.

This deal is expected to complete at the end of March, and this means formal approval by the Irish Competition Authority of the deal already announced on 6th February.

It gives the official green light for Communicorp to own Smooth Radio North West, North East and East Midlands, along with Capital South Wales, Real Radio North Wales, Capital Scotland, Real Radio Yorkshire and Real XS Manchester.

All stations will continue as they are (with the exception of the transformation of Real to Heart) and will be run under a franchising agreement, although the plans for Real XS have yet to be announced.

Whilst Communicorp will own the stations and control local sales as per a Competition Commission ruling, most other services such as national sales, off-peak programming, commercial production, traffic logs, studio/office facilities and branding will be provided by Global Radio.

The Competition Authority said: “We have formed the view that the proposed transaction will not lead to a substantial lessening of competition in any markets for goods or services in the State.”

But the decision is not final – as with all media mergers in Ireland, the parties may only proceed with this merger if the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation does not direct the Authority to carry out a full investigation (Phase 2) within 10 days of the date of the Authority’s decision.

The Authority will publish a public version of the reasons for its determination on its website no later than 26 April 2014 after allowing the parties the opportunity to request that confidential information is removed from the published version.

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For more information go to Global Radio takeover of Real and Smooth Ltd Timeline

Monday, 24 February 2014

Media Boy Blog hits 1million views.

At somepoint over the weekend this blog pass the 1 Million mark so thanks for viewing this blog from everyone at Media Boy HQ.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Recombu: Local TV stations shunted behind Horror Channel on Virgin EPG.

Recombu has reported that Local TV operators have reacted angrily to where they are to be positioned on the Virgin TV programme guide - behind Horror Channel and CBS Reality.

Virgin Media currently positions Local TV channels at channel 159.

It also says that Ofcom is currently looking at whether or not Virgin Media will have to give local channels a more prominent spot.

A Virgin Media spokesperson told Recombu that it’s working with Ofcom to see where Local TV channels could sit in the programme guide in the future.

Estuary TV, the first Local TV channel to launch in the UK, debuted at a much lower number on the programme guide - 879.

It is currently unknown if Estuary TV would be moved higher up as the result of any regulatory action.

Are they any lower channels numbers FREE on Virgin Media?

Yes they are THREE free lower channels (As of February 21st) on Virgin Media then Channel 159 - they are:

  1. Channel 119.
  2. Channel 120.
  3. Channel 141.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Virgin Media and Boxnation 'working' on deal to carry HD Channel.

Cable Forum Boxing Reporter Chad is reporting:
Boxnation have confirmed on Twitter that Boxnation HD will not be on the Virgin Media platform from launch. Boxnation are still working on it currently. There is unconfirmed speculation, and I mean speculation, they are trying to get on UPC in Ireland as part of the negotiations

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Sky Movies launch ''Oscars'' channel.

Sky Movies has today rebranded the following channels:

  • Sky Movies Valentine has been rebrand back to Sky Movies Drama & Romance today on Virgin Channel 408.
  • Sky Movies Valentine HD has been rebrand back to Sky Movies Drama & Romance HD today on Virgin Channel 438.
  • Sky Movies Greats has been rebrand as Sky Movies Oscars today on Virgin Channel 410.
  • Sky Movies Greats HD has been rebrand as Sky Movies Oscars HD today on Virgin Channel 440.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

ITV to launch ITVBe in 2014 on Virgin Media.

ITV has confirmed that ITV Be will launch later this year on both Virgin Media and Smallworld.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Sky Movies: Sky Movies Oscars to launch on Monday.

Sky Movies has confirmed that Sky Movies Oscars will launch on Monday on Virgin Channel 410 (Also in HD on Channel 440) and Smallworld Channel 309 (Also in HD on Channel 337).

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Virgin Media on Demand Playlist added to EPG.

Virgin Media has today added Virgin Media on Demand Playlist to Virgin Channel 309.

Radio Today: Communicorp buys 8 Global Radio stations.

Global Radio is selling eight radio stations in response to a ruling by the Competition Commission after buying GMG Radio in June 2012.

The stations being sold are Smooth Radio North West, North East and East Midlands, along with Capital South Wales, Real Radio North Wales, Capital Scotland, Real Radio Yorkshire and Real XS Manchester.

The single buyer for all stations is Dublin based Communicorp, owner of Today FM, Spin and Newstalk for a reported £35m.

Communicorp is wholly owned by Denis O’Brien, subject to regulatory approval.

And whilst the stations will operate under new owners and sell local airtime, national sales and non-peak programming will still be provided by Global Radio under a franchise agreement.

All existing Real Radio stations will become Heart, as expected, and the former Marcher stations, currently Heart, will become Capital.

Smooth Radio will expand to Gold’s frequencies on AM across the UK except in London, East Midlands and Manchester.

Global Radio originally bought the assets of GMG Radio in June 2012 but has been through the Office of Fair Trading and the Competition Commission before being told to sell stations in seven areas of the UK which would have caused a Substantial Lessening of Competition.

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For more information go to Global Radio takeover of Real and Smooth Ltd Timeline

Monday, 3 February 2014

Smallworld: Smallworld joins Virgin Media.

Wee Cable Network Smallworld has today posted the following on their web site:

Smallworld joins Virgin Media.

Smallworld has become part of Virgin Media, the UK’s leading communications and entertainment company.

This is great news as before too long you’ll be able to choose even faster broadband, including the fastest widely available speeds in the country, and what we think is the best way to watch TV, Virgin Media’s next generation digital service TiVo®.

Right now, your services will continue as normal and you don’t need to do anything but as soon as we can we’ll write to tell you how you can make the switch to even better broadband and lots more TV if you wish.

Smallworld’s incredible fibre optic network is a perfect fit for Virgin Media so you won’t see any changes or interruptions to your current services while we do a little work behind the scenes to make sure everything is as simple and seamless as possible.

EXCLUSIVE: An Channel set to close.

Over the past weekend I have seen information about an Channel that broadcast on Virgin Media right now is set to close.

Cant say anymore right now due to an 'Do Not Post' order.

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