Thursday, 27 June 2013

Virgin Media to put cost of Sky Sports up from October 1st.

Virgin Media will put the cost of Sky Sports up from October 1st.

More info soon...

Sky Sports 1 comes to Sky2.

To celebrate the first day of the Premier League season and Sky Sports' new line up of football, programmes from Sky Sports 1 will replace the regular programming on Sky 2 (Virgin Media Channel 123)) and Pick TV (on Freeview and You View) on Saturday 17th August.

The takeover means millions of home viewers can enjoy a live Premier League match, a Football League fixture, plus a host of other football shows at no cost.

The free day will also include the brand new show, 'Saturday Night Football', for Sky's 5.30pm Saturday evening Premier League fixture. The show is part of Sky Sports' new look 'weekend of football' which also includes the new pairing of Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville for 'Monday Night Football' and a new Saturday schedule running from Soccer AM all the way through to extended evening highlights of all 3pm matches.

Barney Francis, managing director of Sky Sports, said: "It's our biggest ever season of Premier League football and we're inviting every home in Britain to enjoy the opening day. All fans can join the action as we launch our new Saturday schedule for the most eagerly awaited Premier League season in years.

"With more matches than ever before, including 116 live Premier League fixtures, there's never been a better time to be a Sky Sports viewer. If you don't have Sky Sports, this is a great opportunity to sample what our football coverage has to offer throughout the year."

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Broadcast: Virgin Media back in Sky Atlantic talks.

The following story is from Broadcastnow:

The prospect of Sky Atlantic becoming available to Virgin Media’s 3.8 million TV subscribers has moved closer after it emerged that talks between the two companies have reopened.

The channel had a high-profile launch in February 2011, but the UK’s two biggest pay-TV operators never really got close to agreeing a cable carriage deal at the time.

Sources have indicated that the operators have now reopened negotiations and, although a deal is not imminent, they are significantly closer to agreeing a price for Sky Atlantic than they were two years ago.

One source said a “degree of realism” had entered the talks.

Sky Atlantic launched with a number of flagship series from US premium broadcaster HBO, including Boardwalk Empire and The Sopranos, after BSkyB struck an output deal with the Time Warner-owned network.

It was designed as an exclusive home for premium content, including shows such as AMC’s Mad Men and Showtime’s House Of Lies, and was conceived as a way to attract and hold on to subscribers who were less interested in sport and movie content.

Dramas The Following and Game Of Thrones now regularly deliver consolidated audiences of more than 1 million.

The channel had a reach of around 11.1 million viewers in the first three months of 2013, according to Barb research, a year-on-year increase of 1.3 million.

This puts it level with channels such as Fox and Discovery.

It is thought that Sky could be persuaded that an additional 4 million potential viewers for Sky Atlantic would be a positive move, boosting ratings for its Mary Beard to explore life of Caligula for BBC2 content, which is often accused of rating poorly relative to its quality.

Carriage negotiations for Sky’s other channels on Virgin Media are due to be renewed this month, at which time a deal for Sky Atlantic is likely to be discussed.

Virgin Media could also be looking to replace ESPN, which will close this summer, in its premium XL package.

It will want to ensure it keeps churn low for its top bundle and has not yet struck a deal for BT’s forthcoming sport channels.

A move for a high-profile channel such as Sky Atlantic could help it retain customers.

The cable operator’s outgoing chief executive Neil Berkett has previously said that Sky had initially asked for an “unrealistic price for the product”.

Five new channels launches on Virgin Media.

Virgin Media has just added the following channels:

  • MTV HD has launch on Virgin Channel 183.
  • BET has launch on Virgin Channel 184.
  • MTV MUSIC has launch on Virgin Channel 310.
  • Nickelodeon HD has launch on Virgin Channel 714.
  • The Jewellery Channel has launch on Virgin Channel 757.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wednesday Roundup.

  • Total channels has been cut down by one.
  • I think CBS Reality has been move to an new stream - Channel was remove last night for 5 to 10mins or so.
  • TiVo boxes has confirmed that Blighty will close at 3am on July 6th.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Media Boy reveal new channels package information - should launch on Thursday.

I can now reveal that when the following channels launch they will launch in the following packages - all should launch on Thursday on Virgin Media:

Channels to launch:
  • MTV HD to launch on Virgin Channel 183 on the XL Package.
  • BET to launch on Virgin Channel 184 on the M+, L and XL Packages.
  • MTV MUSIC to launch on Virgin Channel 310 on the M+, L and XL Packages.
  • Nick HD to launch on Virgin Channel 714 on the XL Package.
  • The Jewellery Channel to launch on Virgin Channel 757 on the M, M+, L and XL Packages.

-No word yet on when E! HD and Universal HD will launch on Virgin Media.

NOTE: I do not work for Virgin Media so all the information on this post is still subject to change.
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Monday, 24 June 2013

Sky Movies Greats goes Sky Movies 007 in July.

Sky Movies has confirmed that  Sky Movies Greats and Sky Movies Greats will be rebranded as Sky Movies 007 and Sky Movies 007 HD from July 1st on Virgin Channels 410 and 440.

Broadcastnow: Blighty closes as Drama opens for UKTV.

Info thanks to Broadcastnow:

UKTV is to close its British-themed pay-TV channel Blighty after four years, ahead of the launch of its forthcoming scripted channel Drama.

The closure of Blighty comes as it emerged that the broadcaster’s new Drama channel will launch on Freeview slot 20 - the spot previously held by Gold.

The new channel, announced in May, will air classic drama series including Last of the Summer Wine and Call The Midwife from 8 July.

In order to give it a position as high as possible in the Freeview EPG, classic comedy pay-TV channel, Gold will move to slot 26 pushing Home down to new slot 54.

Pay TV channels Gold and Home are both available for viewers to subscribe to via Freeview using the Top Up TV service.

Blighty, which aired on Sky channel 534 and Virgin channel 206, as well as TalkTalk channel 118, will close at midnight on 5 July.

UKTV controller Emma Tennant said: “Blighty has been a valued member of UKTV’s network of channels since 2009, shining a spotlight on Great Britain and society. However UKTV has a strong commitment to innovation and it now feels the right time to close this channel and focus on building our strong and vibrant portfolio of channel brands and related video on demand products.”

Thursday, 20 June 2013

UPDATED: Five new channels to launch on Virgin Media from June 27th.

Virgin Media will launch the following channels from Thursday.

  • MTV HD will launch on Virgin Channel 183.
  • BET will launch on Virgin Channel 184.
  • MTV MUSIC will launch on Virgin Channel 310.
  • Nick HD will launch on Virgin Channel 714.
  • The Jewellery Channel will launch next Wednesday night at midnight on Virgin Channel 757.
The following channels may also launch VERY soon:

  • MTV +1
  • MTV Classic
  • Comedy Central Extra +1
  • Nick Jr. +1
  • BET +1


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Virgin Media updates viewers on BT Sports launching on Virgin.

Email from Virgin Media:

Hello (Name been removed),
Thanks for registering to get the latest on BT Sport.

At the moment we're still talking with BT about how we can make the BT Sport package available to you when it launches this summer.
As soon as we have any news, we'll let you know.

Don't forget that you can still watch ESPN on channel 529 and in HD on channel 530 until 31st July.

And in the meantime, British Eurosport will keep you captivated with the Tour de France in July, as well as bringing you extensive coverage of the Athletics World Championship from Moscow and Vuelta a Espana in August.

Kind regards,
The Virgin Media team

Virgin Media launches two new channels.

Virgin Media has today added the following channels:

  • Food Network has been added to Virgin Channel 287.
  • Travel Channel has been added to Virgin Channel 288.

Friday, 14 June 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Virgin Media should launch TWO new channels on Tuesday.

I can now reveal that Food Network and Travel Channel should launch on Tuesday on Virgin Media:

Channels to launch:
-Food Network to launch on Virgin Channel 287.
-Travel Channel to launch on Virgin Channel 288.

NOTE: I do not work for Virgin Media so all the information on this post is still subject to change.

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Radio Today: Global Radio objects Competition Commission rule.

Info from Radio Today:

The recent decision by the Competition Commission saying Global Radio must sell radio stations in seven markets is being challenged.

Global Radio has filed an application with the Competition Appeal Tribunal, or CAT, for a review of the final decision in the Global Radio/Real & Smooth Ltd transaction.

The company isn’t saying much at this stage as it is a legal process, but did tell Radio Today the appeal challenges the CC on a number of grounds, including the order to divest several radio stations.

Global continues to engage with the Commission proactively on remedies discussions, in parallel with the case now proceeding before the CAT, and has appointed Lepe Partners as its strategic advisors on potential divestments”, the company said in a statement this morning.

This means if the outcome of the Competition Appeal Tribunal go against Global Radio, the company is in a position to move quickly selling the stations it needs to.

The CAT is likely to take anything up to six months to complete, meaning the purchase of GMG Radio in June 2012 won’t be resolved until some point in 2014.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Virgin Media launches two more red button Channels.

Virgin Media has today added BBC RB 2 (BBC Red Button 2) and  BBC RB 3 (BBC Red Button 3) to Virgin Channels 992 and 993.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

UPDATED: Sky Sports 2 to be rebranded as Sky Sports Ashes.

Guardian Media web site has reveal tonight that Sky Sports are to rebrand Sky Sports 2 and Sky Sports 2 HD as Sky Sports Ashes and Sky Sports Ashes HD from June 30th to September 1st.

Sky Sports 2 is on Virgin Channel 512 and Sky Sports 2 HD is on Virgin Channel 518.


Monday, 10 June 2013

BBC reveal launch date of BBC Red Button HD and confirmed two more BBC Red Button Channels to launch.

The BBC has reveal that BBC Red Button HD will launch on Virgin Channel 994 on Thursday (June 13th).

With two more Red Button Channels also set to launch by June 24th on Virgin Channels 992 and 993.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Virgin Media takeover completed.

News from the Virgin Media (Liberty Global) web site:

You may have heard that we’ve just officially merged with Liberty Global, a leading international cable company.

This is an exciting new development for Virgin Media as it means we’re now part of the world’s largest broadband communications group.

Between us we have 25 million customers, in 14 different countries, as well as a shared goal to provide our customers with the very best experience possible.

We believe this is great news for all of our customers as we’ll be able to provide even more compelling, great value products whilst continuing to ensure they get the brilliant service we know you’ve come to expect from Virgin Media.

And just to let you know - we’ll still be called Virgin Media and you’ll still be part of the Virgin family we’ve created over the last six years.

But now we’ll be doing this as part of a much bigger group.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Sky to increase on 1 September 2013 by up to 10%.

No other news has been reveal yet by Sky but it look like the cost of Sky Sports and Sky Movies set to go up in October on Virgin Media.

Two BBC Red Button Channels launches on Virgin.

Two new BBC Red Button Channels has now launch on Virgin Media

  • BBC Red Button 1 has launch on Virgin Channel 991.
  • BBC Red Button HD has launch on Virgin Channel 994.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Hollywood Reporter: Virgin Media Shareholders Approve Acquisition by John Malone's Liberty Global.

Story from Hollywood

Shareholders of Virgin Media on Tuesday approved the acquisition of the U.K. cable giant by John Malone's Liberty Global, which is valued at $23.3 billion.

The special shareholder meeting in New York followed deal approval by Liberty Global shareholders on Monday.

The two approvals set the stage for the deal to close by the end of the week.

"The transactions contemplated by the merger agreement are expected to be completed on or about June 7th," Virgin Media said.

Virgin Media's common stock will continue to trade on Nasdaq Global Select Market until the close of business on Friday.

The companies previously also said that the stock listing of Virgin Media on the London Stock Exchange will be canceled.

"This is one more brick in the wall of scale in Europe, which will ultimately pay real dividends," said Malone during a question-and-answer session at Monday's meeting, calling scale "critical." Liberty Global and Virgin Media on a combined basis currently have more TV subscribers than U.S. cable giant Comcast.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Advanced Television: Strong appointed COO of Virgin Media.

Story from Advanced

Liberty Global has announced that effective July 1st, Dana Strong will become the Chief Operating Officer of Virgin Media.

Strong is currently Managing Director of UPC Ireland, the country’s leading broadband, communications, and entertainment provider, where she will remain as Chairman.

In her new COO role, Strong will report to Tom Mockridge, who was recently announced as Virgin Media’s incoming Chief Executive Officer, effective as of closing.

Strong will succeed Andrew Barron who has decided to leave the company post closing to pursue new opportunities.

Mike Fries, President and CEO of Liberty Global, said: “Dana has over 20 years of experience in the media industry and has been an integral member of the Liberty Global family for 14 years. She has a proven track record of delivering profitable growth and customer service excellence to the operations she’s led in Australia and Ireland. I would also like to acknowledge the significant contribution of Andrew Barron, who played a key role in building Virgin Media’s outstanding strategic, product and operating platform and who has been pivotal in the company’s success.”

Strong will be succeeded as Managing Director of UPC Ireland by Magnus Ternsjö, who since 2009 has served as Managing Director of Liberty Global’s Central European DTH satellite television business covering Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania.

Magnus has been active in the pay-TV business for more than 20 years, including roles at several of Liberty Global’s operations with a proven track record.

Virgin Media moves B4U Music to M+ package.

An Virgin insider has confirmed to me that B4U Music is now broadcasting on the M+, L and XL Packages on Virgin Channel 816.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Universal and Syfy on Demand from June 10th.

Info from DS Forum/ HD Boy:

Looks like Syfy and Universal channel are getting added to TV for M+ and above very soon, Defiance is being advertised on the On Demand Preview "channel" and Season 1 of Haven and Fairly Legal are available from 10th of June.

Broadcast: Lifetime finalises UK launch plans.

Story from Broadcast:

Female skewing pay-TV network Lifetime is expected to make its UK debut in the fourth quarter of the year, as parent company A+E Networks UK enters the final stages of its launch plan.