Friday, 30 November 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Virgin Media news.

I have been told the following by insiders:
  • No new channels set to launch on Virgin TV in December.
  • Change freeze from the 10th of December until after New Year.
  • And TV email will be gone very soon from all areas.

NOTE: I do not work for Virgin Media so all the information on this Post is subject to change.
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Pick you audio on S4C on Virgin Media.

Virgin Media has now added an Red Button for viewers who want to pick the English audio on Welsh broadcaster S4C on Virgin Channel 167.

Rumour: Al Jazeera english may launch next month on Virgin TV.

An new rumour appeared online this week - this time on Digital Spy Forum.

DS Poster 'Asian Channel' has posted on DS Forum saying that:

''Al Jazeera english to launch on virgin media 9th december from a very good source'' 
Here is the list of channels also rumours to be set to launch on December 9th:

  • 1. Sky Atlantic
  • 2. Sky Sports News HD
  • 3. Sky News HD
  • 4. Al Jazeera

NOTE: Media Boy can not confrim if this rumour is true or not.

'A few bits' will happen in December on Virgin TV.

I have ask an insider I know if anything was set to happen from Saturday on Virgin TV???

All I got back was 'A few bits'.

More info as I get it...

Friday, 23 November 2012

Local TV on MB Blog: Ofcom delays local TV licence decision. is reporting:

''Ofcom has delayed a decision on awarding all the remaining local TV licences and now expects to wrap up the process by the end of February, meaning a likely three-month delay for an announcement on the lucrative London franchise. This delay means the local TV licence for the London area, which caters for 4.3 million homes, is expected to be awarded by the end of February. The five London bidders had been told informally by Ofcom to expect a decision in November.
Ofcom said the delay had nothing to do with problems over the Nottingham and Sheffield licences which emerged last week.

Local TV licences for both cities were awarded and then withdrawn after "errors" were found in the consideration of the applications by Ofcom. Eventually the original winners – SLTV Sheffield Live and a consortium backed by former ITV News editor Nigel Dacre's company Inclusive Digital called Notts TV – were re-awarded their licences on Thursday.

An Ofcom spokesman said some of the bidders in the 11 franchises which have so far been awarded have already been asked to clarify their programming plans, so it was decided to ask for an across-the-board clarification from the remaining bidders before they are formally considered by a panel which is chaired by the former BBC and Channel 4 executive Tim Gardam.

This means the Newcastle bid is likely to be decided by the end of December, with Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester by the end of January. The Leeds, Liverpool, London and Preston bids are now scheduled to be awarded by the end of February.''

Local TV on MB Blog: Ofcom give back two Local TV Licences.

Ofcom has given back local TV Licences for both Sheffield and Nottingham to SLTV/Sheffield Live (Sheffield) and Notts TV (Nottingham) just some weeks after removing from.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Sky Movies to relaunch it '007' Channel in January 2013.

Following the successful launch and run of its dedicated James Bond channel earlier this year, Sky Movies HD today announce the return of Sky Movies 007/HD on 1 January 2013.

On Virgin Channel 403 and also in HD on Virgin Channel 433.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

UPDATE: Sky Movies Christmas coming December 1st.

Sky Movies will rebrand Sky Movies Showcase as Sky Movies Christmas on December 1st until January 4th 2013.

Sky Movies Christmas Channel/HD will include:

-Christmas Films Box Set (Saturday 1 December).
-Animation Box Set (Saturday 2 December)
-Epics Box Set (Friday 21 December)
-Comic Book Heroes Box Set (Monday 24 December)
-must-see movies Box Set
-cult classics Box Set

Where is Sky Movies Showcase?

-Sky Movies Showcase is on Virgin Channel 403.
-Sky Movies Showcase HD is on Virgin Channel 433.

+Parts of this post was updated on November 19th.

Rumour: Virgin to launch more Sky Channels next month?

Cable Forum poster ''grahamf'' has posted on Cable Forum that:
''The latest I am hearing from 2 different well placed sources is, that Virgin will be launching Sky News HD, Sky Sports News HD and Sky Atlantic on 9th December.''
More info if I can get more...

Confirmed: Virgin Media Is Interested in Carrying BT Group’s Sports Content.

Also from

''Virgin Media the U.K.’s second largest pay-television company, is interested in carrying the sports programs that BT has acquired this year as part of an expansion into television rights.

“It’ll be interesting how it will play out,” Virgin Media Chief Financial Officer Eamonn O’Hare said at a Morgan Stanley conference in Barcelona today. “Hopefully they will see value in the 4 million customers that we have, and see that as a route to market for their valuable content.”

O’Hare said he was open to talking to BT about carrying the shows.''

Friday, 16 November 2012

FX to be rebranded as FOX in January.

FX has confirmed that FX will be rebranded as FOX on January 11th 2013.

How will I find FOX from January 11th 2013?
  • FX is on Virgin Channel 157.
  • FX HD is on Virgin Channel 158.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Local TV on MB Blog: Ofcom remove Notts TV and SLTV/Sheffield Live rights to broadcast.

Ofcom has today remove the rights for both SLTV/Sheffield Live and  Notts TV to broadcast.

Ofcom will give out the new winners later this month.

The BBC starts tests for new BBC One HD Channels on Astra.

Digital Spy Forum posters has confirm that The BBC has started for both BBC One HD Wales and BBC One HD Scotland on Astra.

No other info yet.

More info will appear here soon...

Star Life OK to be added on Virgin Media next week.

I can now confrim that Star Life OK will be added next Thursday (November 22nd) for those subscribing to Asian Mela on Virgin Channel 804.

But ABP News will stop broadcasting on Virgin Channel 802 (Plus on other UK and Ireland networks).

Info from my V+ Box.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Rumour: Virgin Media set to launch Star Life OK soon?

Digital Spy Forum poster ''Technix'' posted last night that:

''Hindi channel Star Life OK is due to be added soon, presumably for those subscribing to Asian Mela.''
No news yet on if Star Plus HD and Star Gold may also launch.

Info thanks to Digital Spy and Technix.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Rumour: Sport channel may change hands this week.

Digital Spy Poster 'omnidirectional' posted last night on Digital Spy Forum:
''I've heard a Sports channel may change hands this week, so that's something to look out for.''
Will this mean that BT will takeover any of the following channels???

-Premier Sports and Premier Sports Extra

More as I get it...

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Local TV on MB Blog: More names of local TV Channels confirmed by Ofcom.

-City TV Broadcasting will launch in Birmingham by June 2013.

-Thats Oxford hope to launch in Oxford sometime in 2014.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Cinemoi will close on Monday.

I can confirm that Movie Channel Cinemoi will stop broadcasting at 11pm next Monday Night (November 12th) on Virgin Channel 445.

Info from my old Sky+ box.

S4C and BBC Alba goes UK wide on Virgin Media.

-S4C and S4C AD has launch in England, N. Ireland and Scotland on Virgin Channels 167 and 856 on the M Package.

-BBC Alba has launch in England, N. Ireland and Wales on Virgin Channel 188 on the M Package.

Monday, 5 November 2012

The BBC updates the BBC TiVo app on Virgin Media.

The BBC have refreshed the iPlayer app on TiVo - it now includes improvements to the Playback controls, plus changes to search, the programme information screen and the addition of 'related programmes'.

All the info on this post is thanks to BenMcr.

Weekend update: Movies 24 goes Christmas and Sky kill off 007.

-Saturday saw Movies 24 and Movies 24+ getting rebranded as Christmas 24 and Christmas 24+ on Virgin Channels 419 and 420.

-Then today (Monday) we saw Sky Movies 007 and Sky Movies 007 has been rebranded as Sky Movies Showcase and Sky Movies Showcase HD on Virgin Channels 403 and 433.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Good News Music Fans.

I have found out late last night that Virgin Media are offering Music On Demand FREE to all M+ and L Packages customers on Virgin on Demand until 'The end of January 2013'.

How Did I find this info.

I was playing about with my V+ Box to see if any new channels has been added to On Demand.