Thursday, 30 September 2010

Still no word on axe date for Bravo and Channel One.

My insider says that Virgin have been given no closing down date for Channel One or Bravo yet.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Two new HD Channels tests start.

My Virgin Channel tester has told me last night that Sky1 HD and UTV HD have both appear on they box.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Channel news - What is set to happen.

Here is the list of thing set to happen in the coming months.

  • 22nd. Virgin to move Sky 3 to Virgin Channel 180.
  • 29th. Virgin to move Sky 2 to Virgin Channel 123.

  • 1st. Sky1 HD to launch on Virgin Channel 122.
  • 1st. Red Hot 40+ Wives to be remove from Virgin Channel 480.
  • 1st. UK Swingers to launch on Virgin Channel 480.
  • 29th. Racing UK to have Freeview for 3 days from today on Channel 536.
  • 30th. All Sky Movies and Sky Movies HD Channel to be made free to air for the weekend.

  • 1st. PCNE to be remove from Virgin Media.
  • 7th. Discovery Knowledge to be rebranded as Discovery History on Virgin Channel 217.

Sky1 HD to launch next week.

Niall has today posted on his blog that Sky1 HD is set to launch on October 1st.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Virgin Media new channels launches update.

Here is the latest I have on new channels launches on Virgin Media.

  • Still no launch date on when the new Viacom channels will launch on Virgin.
  • I have seen two dates on when Sky Basic HD launching on Virgin (Both dates are within the next two weeks).

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Sky Basic HD on Virgin Media latest.

I have seen some info on when Virgin Media hope to launch Sky Basic HD Channels on Virgin Media.

I can't post the dates I have seen as none of my insiders can not confirm this that time of posting.

But all I can say - they will launch soon.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Guardian Media: BSkyB to close Bravo and Channel One.

Story from Guardian Media:

BSkyB is to close Bravo and general entertainment station Channel One, putting more than 50 jobs at risk, as part of the integration of Living TV Group.

BSkyB has decided to focus on the Living TV channel portfolio, which will see a 25% boost to its programming budget, and the gameshow and quiz channel Challenge.

Living TV Group, which is home to shows including Grey's Anatomy, Britain's Next Top Model and Sons of Anarchy, currently employs 110 staff.

There will be just 58 roles after integration, but it is understood that there are a significant number of positions potentially available in other parts of the BSkyB operation.

BSkyB is understood to have decided to jettison Bravo, which launched as a cable channel in 1985, because it reaches a similar demographic to Sky1 but is not believed to have the same brand equity or reach.

BSkyB is backing Living TV because, outside of sport, it is second only to Sky1 in popularity among its basic pay-TV channels.

BSkyB has failed to target the female market as successfully as Living TV, which has a two-year deal with Katie Price.

Sky closed its own attempt to target a female audience, Sky Real Lives, earlier this year.

It was decided that Channel One, which was rebranded from Virgin 1 in August following BSkyB's acquisition of Living TV Group for £160m in July, was too similar to Sky3, which it sits alongside as a free-to-air channel on Freeview.

BSkyB intends to "redeploy" the channels' programming, with pay-TV shows moving to other Sky channels and free-to-air fare mostly moving to Sky3.

Bravo is home to shows including Spartacus, Dog the Bounty Hunter and Sons of Anarchy. Spin-off channel Bravo 2 will also disappear.

BSkyB has not said what it intends to do with the channel slot.

Challenge will move free-to-air in Channel One's slot, which will effectively double its audience reach, as BSkyB looks to grow its presence in quizzes and gameshows.

There are longer-term possibilities of tie-ups with Sky Bet.

Staff have been informed of the integration plans this afternoon with all staff, including the Living TV Group managing director, Jonathan Webb, under review.

The review has been carried out by Sophie Turner Laing, the managing director of entertainment, news and broadcast operations at BSkyB.

"Content is at the heart of Sky's strategy," she said.
"Living is already one of the best pay-TV channels around and is obviously a great fit with our existing channels like Sky1. There is so much potential for further development and we intend to increase on-screen investment in Living by around a quarter as part of our expanded channel portfolio. This is a big part of our plans to bring customers great content from channel brands that really cut through."

BSkyB moved quickly to announce the integration of Living TV Group after being given final clearance by the Office of Fair Trading only yesterday.

The Living TV Group integration adds to what is expected to be a major revamp of BSkyB's entertainment programming after the broadcaster struck a five-year £150m deal for the exclusive UK rights to the entire HBO catalogue of shows including The Wire, True Blood and The Sopranos.

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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Media Boy given launch date for Jewellery Maker on Virgin Media.

Media Boy HQ has been told today by an Virgin Insider that Jewellery Maker will launch on Virgin Media on the 8th of September on Virgin Channel 756.

Gems TV 2 will be remove from Virgin Media on that date.