Thursday, 29 July 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Update from Media Boy insiders.

I was told last night by an Virgin Insider that Virgin have got ''6 more HD channels are in the pipeline''.

I also told that Sky content on demand should be added in the next 1/2 months as agreed with Sky.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Confirmed: Virgin Media reveal plans for Sky Sports HD and Sky Movies HD Channels.

The following information is from Virgin Media:

"Virgin Media has confirmed plans to launch Sky Sports 1 HD and Sky Sports 2 HD on its cable TV platform next month as part of the deal to sell Virgin Media Television to Sky.

From August 2, Virgin Media's subscribers will be able to watch English Premier League, cricket, Rugby Union and other sports in high definition on the two channels.

Accessing Sky Sports 1 HD and Sky Sports 2 HD will cost an extra £7 per month on any of Virgin's TV packages when also subscribing to Sky Sports in standard definition."

The addition of the two HD channels has been made possible due to carriage agreements for Sky's basic HD channels and Red Button content as part of the deal to sell Virgin Media TV to the satellite broadcaster.

The deal, which was completed last week, will also see Sky 1 HD, Sky Arts HD and the Sky Movies HD channels launch on Virgin Media soon, with details to follow "in due course".

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Sky Basic HD on Virgin Media update.

My Virgin insider has told me today that all Sky Basic HD Channels (The one that Virgin will carry) will be in the XL Package from launch - no launch date was given.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Sky Sports 4 and Sky Sports News moves to new homes on Virgin Media.

Virgin Media moves Sky Sports 4 and Sky Sports News to Virgin Channels 514 and 515.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Sky reveal closure date for 'Sky Real Lives'.

Sky Real Lives are set to close on August 19th at 6am.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Sky Sports HD and Sky Movies HD to cost £7 extra per month (UPDATE).

7PM Info: An Insider has told me today that there is a rumour within Virgin Media HQ that the new HD channels for Sky Sports and Sky Movies will be cost an extra £10 per box.

8:30PM Update: Cable Forum poster ottoni says - "Just spoken to customer services, she knew straight away, she said she has recieved training on this tonight, you have to subscribe to sports and movies in SD first and then the HD variants will be available for £7 per month per box regardless of what TV package you are on. These will be available from the 19th July."

9:25PM Update: I have been told by two insiders that Viewers who want Sky Sports or Sky Movies HD Channel can pre-order them from next Monday (July 19th) but the channels will not launch until later (I hear its August 2nd).

14/7 - 9:50PM Update: An Insider has now confirm to me that the Sky HD Channels - Sports/Movies - will cost £7 per box and NOT £10 per box as reported by me last night.


More Channel 5 channels launches on Virgin Media.

Channel 5 HD, Fiver +1 and Five USA +1 has launch on Virgin Media.

EXCLUSIVE: Tests appear for Sky Movies HD and Sky Sports HD on Virgin Media.

One of my ''Virgin Testers'' has told me today that Virgin are now testing the following list of channels:

  • Sky Action HD
  • Sky Comedy HD
  • Sky Drama & Romance HD
  • Sky Family HD
  • Sky Indie HD
  • Sky Modern Greats HD
  • Sky Premier HD
  • Sky SciFi & Horror HD
  • Sky Showcase HD
  • Sky Sports HD1
  • Sky Sports HD2
  • Sky Thriller HD

Sunday, 11 July 2010

EXCLUSIVE: News update on Five HD, Sky Sports HD and Sky Movies HD.

Five HD will be on Virgin Media by ''End of August''.

I have just found out that Virgin Media plan to launch Sky Sports and Movies HD on the 2nd August with possibly pre ordering from the 19th July.

There will be an extra charge for this service but still no prices as yet.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Virgin Media update.

I have been told that Virgin Media will remove NME Radio from Channel 975 ''In the next few days''.

I have also been told that Virgin will launch Film4 HD on Channel 429 sometime soon ahead of it July 20th launch date.

Viewers will see an ''Film4 HD launches here'' sign when it launch until July 20th.

As far as I know FIVE HD will only launch on Sky on Tuesday and NOT Virgin Media.

But that time of posting FIVE HD was testing on Virgin Media but no Insiders can confirm to me that Virgin will launch FIVE HD on Tuesday.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

EXCLUSIVE: New SD Channels arriving on Virgin TV in the ''next few weeks''.

I have been told that the following SD Channels is set to launch on Virgin Media in the coming weeks:

  • Fiver +1 (We know about this one)
  • Five USA +1 (We know about this one)
  • Discovery Science +1
  • Comedy Central Xtra +1

EXCLUSIVE: Media Boy given an other updates on Sky HD Channels.

My Virgin insider has been told announcement is due on Sky HD Channels later this month.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

MB Views: Media Boy HQ works out channel numbers for new Channel 5 channels?

I think I have work out the new channels numbers for Five HD and maybe Fiver +1 and Five USA +1

  • 150 - Five HD
  • 151 - Five USA (Was Channel 150)
  • 152 - Five USA +1
  • 153 - Fiver (Was Channel 152)
  • 154 - Fiver +1 

Launch Date given for FIVE HD Channel.

Radio Times is reporting that Five HD will launch on Tuesday 13 July.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Confirmed: Film4 HD coming to Virgin Media on July 20th..

Film4 has confirmed that Film4 HD will launch on July 20th only on Virgin Media.

BBC 6 Music to stay on air... For now.

BBC 6 Music, the digital radio station, will get a temporary reprieve today from the corporation’s governing body, the BBC Trust.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Virgin Media close NME Radio?

I know that NME Radio is to close soon on Digital TV and DAB Radio so I have been keeping an eye on Channel 975.

And since about 1pm today I have seen that NME Radio is not broadcasting on Virgin.

All other networks is still broadcasting NME Radio.