Wednesday, 31 March 2010

C21 Media: Zone Horror to be rebranded back to Horror Channel from April 5th.

Zone Horror, part of Chello Zone's UK channels portfolio, is returning to its former identity as the Horror Channel.

The channel will revert to its former name on April 5, on-screen, the network will be branded simply as Horror.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Local Radio update.

I have tonight been told by Virgin Media viewers that BBC Radio Lancashire and BBC Radio Merseyside is not broadcasting on Virgin TV.

Local Radio 199? - 2010 R.I.P

Friday, 19 March 2010

Virgin Media: Some channels may only launch in NGTV areas from April 1st.

Virgin Media has posted the following on their web site:

When will I get the new channels?
We’ll be launching Discovery HD, Eurosport HD, E4 HD and SyFy HD on 1st April. Not everyone will get access to these new channels straight away as we are carrying out some technical upgrades to our platform and there’ll be a few areas where we’ll be staggering the rollout. But don’t worry – we’ll be rolling them out as quickly as we can, and we should be all done by the beginning of June.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

EXCLUSIVE: ITV confirm that Men & Motors to close on Virgin Media next Thursday.

ITV has confirmed to Media Boy HQ that Men & Motors is set to close on Sky and Freesat on April 1st at 6am.

But on Virgin Media Men & Motors will close a week earlier, at 6am on March 25th, for operational reasons.

Monday, 15 March 2010

HD news for viewers in Sotland and Ireland only.

According to rumours on the web STV and UTV are both set to launch a HD channel with advanced picture and sound quality very soon but may not be ready in time for the World Cup.

Sky Basic HD Channels on Virgin TV update.

An Virgin insider has told me that talks are ''ongoing'' over the non Sports and Movies Sky own HD Channels coming to Virgin Media.

EXCLUSIVE: More info on Sky Movies on Virgin TV from March 26th.

I have now got more info on Sky Movies on Virgin TV from March 26th.

As well as rebranding and moving some channels about on the Virgin EPG Virgin Media are also moving some channels about on the Sky Movies Packages.

Sky Comedy will become part of both Sky Movies packs (i.e. A or B). It is currently only available in Sky Movies A.

Sky Drama & Romance will move from Sky Movies B to Sky Movies A.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Virgin Media to move channels about.


  • 16th. ITV2 is moving from channel 114 to channel 115.
  • 16th. ITV3 is moving from channel 116 to channel 117.
  • 16th. ITV4 is moving from channel 117 to channel 118.
  • 16th. Channel 4+1 is moving from channel 142 to channel 143.
  • 16th. E4 is moving from channel 143 to channel 144.
  • 16th. E4+1 is moving from channel 144 to channel 146.
  • 16th. More4 is moving from channel 145 to channel 147.
  • 16th. Channel4 HD is moving from channel 146 to channel 142.
  • 17th. CNN is being repackaged from TV size M+ to TV size M.
  • 17th. Ideal World is being repackaged from TV size M to Free Access.
  • 23rd. Virgin are to advertise the launch of ITV1 HD on channel 113 from today. Not available in Scotland or Northern Ireland.
  • 23rd. Virgin are to advertise the launch of E4 HD on Channel 145 from today.
  • 23rd. Virgin are to advertise the launch of Discovery HD on Channel 214 from today.
  • 23rd. Virgin are to advertise the launch of Eurosport HD on Channel 522 from today.
  • 25th. ITV2+1 to launch on Channel 116 on the TV Size M pack.
  • 25th. ITV3+1 to launch on Channel 174 on the TV Size M pack.
  • 25th. ITV4+1 to launch on Channel 175 on the TV Size M pack.
  • 25th. Quest to launch on Channel 179 on the TV Size M pack.
  • 25th. Animal Planet +1 to be drop.
  • 25th. History+1 to be drop (Ex-ntl only).
  • 25th. Military History to launch on Channel 236 on the TV Size XL pack.
  • 25th. Men & Motors to be drop.
  • 25th. Cartoonito to launch on Channel 706 on the TV Size L pack.
  • 25th. Cartoon Network Too is moving from channel 732 to channel 705.
  • 26th. Sky Comedy is moving from channel 403 to channel 404.
  • 26th. Sky Action is rebranding as Sky Action & Adventure and will move from channel 404 to channel 405.
  • 26th. Sky Family is moving from channel 405 to channel 406.
  • 26th. Sky Drama is rebranding as Sky Drama & Romance and will move from channel 406 to channel 408.
  • 26th. Sky SciFi & Horror is moving from channel 407 to channel 409.
  • 26th. Sky Classics is moving from channel 408 to channel 411.
  • 26th. Sky Modern is moving from channel 409 to channel 410.
  • 26th. Sky Indie is moving from channel 410 to channel 412.
  • 26th. Sky Screen 1 is rebranding as Sky Showcase and is moving to channel 403.
  • Sky Showcase will become part of the movies bonus pack only. 26th March 2010
  • 26th. Sky Screen 2 is rebranding as Sky Crime & Thriller and is moving to channel 407.


  • 1st. E4 HD will launch on Channel 145.
  • 1st. SciFi HD will launch on Channel 165.
  • 1st. DIVA+1 to be drop.
  • 1st. SciFi +1 to launch on Channel 166 on the TV Size XL pack.
  • 1st. Discovery HD to launch on Channel 214.
  • 1st. Eurosport HD to launch on Channel 522.
  • 2nd. ITV1 HD to launch on Channel 113.

Friday, 12 March 2010

UPDATE: Two new channels set to launch on Virgin Media.

ITV has confirm that ITV1 HD will launch on April 2nd on Freeview, Sky and Virgin Media.


An Virgin Media worker has confirm that Quest is set to launch on March 25th on Virgin Media in the M Package.


Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Virgin Central to be remove from channel 118 on Thursday.

Virgin Central to be remove from channel 118 on Thursday.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Virgin Media: E4 HD and Film4 HD to launch on Virgin Media.

Virgin Media have today announced the upcoming launch of Film4 HD and E4 HD on its digital TV platform.

Virgin Media's digital TV customers will be the first to watch Film4 in glorious High Definition (HD) as the channel launches exclusively on Virgin Media this summer.

Film4 HD will offer a daily line-up of fantastic movies. The channel will showcase the very best of British film-making, including Slumdog Millionaire, Mike Leigh's Happy Go Lucky and Ken Loach's Looking for Eric, as well as US independent films, Hollywood blockbusters, mainstream drama and comedy, foreign films and cult cinema alongside special features, in-depth interviews and exclusive programming, Film4 is the UK's favourite film channel.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

BBC: BBC 6 Music and Asian Network face axe in shake-up.

Mark Thompson explains why the review suggests 6 Music should be closed.

Digital radio stations BBC 6 Music and Asian Network are facing closure as part of a shake-up of the corporation, the director general has announced.

The strategy review will now go out to public consultation.

6 Music presenter Adam Buxton said he did not understand why a station with such devoted listeners had to close.

The review, which has been submitted to the BBC Trust, said more money will be ploughed into international news and the BBC must put a higher proportion of the licence fee into quality programmes to make "fewer things better".

Mr Thompson has denied that the proposals have anything to do with the forthcoming election.

"The proposed changes we are announcing today are not a piece of politics. It is also not a blueprint of a small BBC or a BBC that is in retreat from digital," he said.

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