Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Digital Spy: Eden +1 and YeSTERDAY to relaunch on Virgin Media?

Digital Spy's ''In the know'' poster Technix thinks Eden +1 (209) and YeSTERDAY +1 (204), which were removed for Watch (+1), should be returning very soon.

Monday, 25 January 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Channels Moving package from Next Monday (February 1st).

There are 4 channels which will be moved from the XL package down to the L package...

  1. Sky Real Lives Channel 281
  2. Sky Arts 1 Channel 284
  3. Magic Channel 340
  4. Kiss Channel 336

I also have some updated news on Local BBC Radio Channels...

The following radio drops are scheduled for Feb 4th from the Knowsley platform...

  • BBC Radio Tees (Gateshead) Channel 932
  • BBC Radio Newcastle (Gateshead) Channel 937

Later this year....
  • TV Prices to go up soon.
  • Some new channels will launch after March (I have no names yet).

Virgin Media TV update.

Search function in VOD is coming back over three days....

  • Tuesday 26 January, customers on the Knowsley National Head End (AKA Them who has been updated) will receive this functionality.
  • Langley Customers on Wednesday 27 January.
  • Bromley on Thursday 28 January.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Virgin Media to end Local Radio in April.

Virgin Media are to axe the Following BBC Radio Channels on the following dates:

  • 4th: BBC Radio Cleveland - Gateshead (North East)
  • 4th: BBC Radio Newcastle - Gateshead (North East)

  • 18th. BBC Essex - Basildon
  • 18th. BBC Radio Kent - Basildon
  • 24th. BBC Radio Bristol - Bristol (Aztec)
  • 24th. BBC Radio Gloucester - Bristol (Aztec)
  • 25th. BBC Devon - Newton Abbot (Eurobell W)
  • 31st. BBC Radio Shropshire - Birmingham
  • 31st. BBC Radio West Midlands - Birmingham

  • 1st. BBC Radio Shopshire - Wolverhampton (Midlands)
  • 1st. BBC Radio West Midlands - Wolverhampton (Midlands)
  • 6th. BBC Radio Lancashire - Preston
  • 6th. BBC Radio Merseyside - Liverpool

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Virgin Media starts to go NGTV.

When your area goes NGTV you will get:
In Ex-Telewest areas:
  • 861. BBC1 England
  • 862. BBC1 Scotland
  • 863. BBC1 Northern Ireland
  • 864. BBC1 Wales
  • 865. BBC2 England
  • 928. Radio: Magic Radio
  • 930. Radio: BBC Radio Scotland
  • 931. Radio: BBC Radio Wales
  • 932. Radio: BBC Radio Ulster
  • 934. Radio: BBC Radio nan Gaidheal
  • 936. Radio: BBC Radio Cymru
  • 937. Radio: BBC London 94.9
  • 963. Radio: Kiss FM

In ex-NTL or C&W areas:
  • 911. Radio: BBC Radio 4 LW
  • 937. Radio: BBC London 94.9

Monday, 11 January 2010

Breaking News: Virgin Media axe some Local BBC Radio channels.

Reports are coming in on Digital Spy forums that both BBC Radio Leeds and BBC Radio Sheffield have disappeared from Virgin Media with an sign saying they are no longer available on digital.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

EXCLUSIVE: True Movies 1 to join L package from Saturday.

Virgin Media are to move True Movies 1 to the L Package from Saturday (January 9th).

Virgin Media add BBC Radio London to outside London in some areas.

BBCLdn94.9 can now be found in areas outside London on Virgin Channel 937.