Thursday, 30 July 2009

Digital Spy: C4 HD coming to Virgin Media tomorrow.

Virgin Media has announced that Channel 4 HD will become available tomorrow on its cable TV network.

It was revealed yesterday that the channel will join Virgin Media's digital TV lineup as a high definition simulcast of Channel 4's main channel, delivering upscaled standard definition programming along with other high definition shows where available.

A Virgin Media spokesperson has since confirmed that the HD offering will officially launch from tomorrow at channel 146 on Virgin's EPG.

It will be available for all subscribers without charge.

Meanwhile, the cable operator today launched three new HD channels - FX HD, National Geographic HD and MTVNHD - which are only available to customers on the XL package.

More news to come from Virgin Media - This week.

News on what's happening with the remaining channels left from the old Setanta offer - like Racing UK and Arsenal TV.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Cable Forum: MUTV moves to make way for ESPN Channels on Virgin Media.

New Sports Channel EPG Lineup for Virgin TV from Monday.

Here is the new Sports channel lineup in full:
  • 528. MUTV (Was Channel 530)
  • 529. ESPN
  • 530. ESPN HD
  • 531. ESPN America (Was Channel 533 - will relaunch at an later date)
  • 533. ESPN Classic

Thanks to both Ben and nn012 for info via Cable Forum.

Latest on when HD Channels will launch on Virgin Media.

Here is the list of HD Channels that I know Virgin Media has signed deal for to carry:


  • FX HD - on Channel 158 (XL Pack).
  • Nat Geo HD - on Channel 232 (XL Pack).
  • MTVNHD - on Channel 310 (XL Pack.)


  • ESPN HD - on Channel ???


  • Channel 4 HD - on Channel ??? (M,L,XL Pack.)


  • Living HD - on Channel 159


  • Eurosport HD
  • History HD

  • Good Food HD - still in talks for.

Virgin Media: ESPN to launch on XL Package.

The plan is to make ESPN, ESPN HD and ESPN America available to Virgin Media's XL customers will help ESPN better serve sports fans in the UK. It's an exciting season ahead and we look forward to bringing our new channels, ESPN and ESPN HD as well as ESPN Classic, to as many sports fans as possible.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Jetix to closed on August 31st.

Jetix will be rebrand as Disney XD on 31st August on Virgin Channel 707.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Channel 4 HD May launch next week.

Channel 4 HD may launch on Virgin Media next week with MTVNHD, FX HD and Nat Geo HD.

They will launch on any of the following days:
Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.

NOTE: I have got no information on they Channel numbers. But I think they will be on

EPG: Channel name
147. Channel 4 HD
158. FX HD
232. Nat Geo HD

EXCLUSIVE: New info on HD Channels on Virgin Media Tests.

An Virgin Media viewer has pm me today with new information on Channels testing on Ex-C&W boxes.

  • VMTest1 - Channel4 HD
  • VMTest2 - National Geographic HD
  • VMTest3 - FX HD
  • VMTest4 - MTVHD
  • VMTest5 - not broadcasting
  • VMTest6 - not broadcasting

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Teletext to shut down in 2010.

Teletext will cease all transmissions - analogue and digital - of its main text services including those on ITV, Channel 4 and Five in January 2010.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

HD Channels on Virgin Media update.

Here is the latest HD Channels on Virgin Media information I have at time of posting.

Virgin is rumoured to be set to start launching the new HD Channels from July 30th - mid August.
With Living HD coming in September.

I think I know the EPG Channels numbers for the new HD Channels (NOTE: The following EPG may move):

  • FX HD may launch on Virgin Channel 158.
  • Living HD may launch on Virgin Channel 159.
  • Nat Geo HD may launch on Virgin Channel 232.
  • MTVNHD may launch on Virgin Channel 314.

Plus as of Saturday July 11th, Eurosport HD and History HD was not testing in an Ex-ntl area of Virgin Media.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Digital Spy: 4 HD channels to launch on Virgin Media.

Virgin Media has confirmed that four more high definition channels will join its digital cable TV lineup.

Living HD, FX HD, National Geographic HD and MTVN HD will all become available to XL customers at no additional charge.

The first channel will become available at the end of the month, but no precise date was announced and it is not known when the others will launch.

Virgin Media chief executive Neil Berkett said: "As more homes become HD-ready, the launch of four new HD channels marks the next stage in the evolution of our pioneering TV service.
"Our lineup of HD channels and hugely popular on demand content is a unique and winning combination and we'll continue to bring more sport, films, entertainment and documentaries to our customers."

Virgin Media is also "currently in active talks" with UKTV about launching a high definition version of Good Food on the platform.

Living HD, an entirely new entrant to the UK high definition linear channel scene, is expected to be the first of a series of high definition channels in the pipeline from Virgin Media Television for each of its key channel brands.

The availability of linear high definition services on Virgin's digital cable service has been a long-running matter of debate on Digital Spy's cable forums, with the operator concentrating more on the provision of video on demand content - including some in high definition - even as rival operators such as Sky ramped up the provision of linear HD channels.

In April, Virgin told DS that they were now "actively focused" on HD in what was seen as a shift in its previous position on high definition matters.

The topic resurfaced in recent weeks after ESPN announced that it would show those Premier League matches it acquired after the demise of Setanta on a new high definition channel in the UK.

Virgin did not announce anything about ESPN HD carriage this morning.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Virgin Media tests Five HD Channels.

An Virgin Media viewer in an Ex-ntl area has told me the following in an email:

I have found 6 new channels testing.

All of them appear to be testing HD but don't ask me what as the picture is distorted because I don't have a HD box to view the full test.

The channels are labled as follows.
  • VMTest1 - Testing HD
  • VMTest2 - Testing HD
  • VMTest3 - Testing HD
  • VMTest4 - Testing HD
  • VMTest5 - Testing HD
  • VMTest6 - Testing HD

Epg on all of them are labled as "Test Schedule" 

Rumours say they are:

  • VMTest1 - History HD
  • VMTest2 - National Geographic Channel HD
  • VMTest3 - FX HD
  • VMTest4 - MTVNHD
  • VMTest5 - History HD
  • VMTest6 - Eurosport HD