Saturday, 22 March 2008

Radio Today: Good news for Rock fans.

Planet Rock is save for now and will continue broadcasting until the end of April.

The station was due to shut down on March 28th along with theJazz from digital platforms including Digital One and Virgin Media.

The news of the extension comes from Rick Wakeman during his Saturday morning programme on March 22nd. "Planet Rock will continue for another month to allow time for discussions to take place with a potential buyer," he said.

GCap's plans to sell their stake in national digital multiplex Digital One along with Xfm stations outside of London are also thought to be put on hold whilst negotiations continue with Global Radio. It is hoped Global Radio will abandon plans to ditch digital should they be successful in buying GCap Media.

So far, it is thought theJazz will close as planned on Friday, 28th March.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

BBC iPLAYER for April launch.

Think this has been said before, but its just appeared that there isnt a set time nor date, but it will be "sometime in April" as confirmed.

Funny, because the people who are talking in this article say "we are in an excellent position to offer Bandwidth..."

That word, "Bandwidth" that has been the excuse for Virgin media for a LONG time in regards to restrictions on future additions to the Channel lineup, and other things.