Sunday, 22 July 2007

C21 Media: Virgin Media set to reveal launch of new Sports News Channel.

From C21 Media:
Virgin Media is shortly expected to unveil a new sports news channel, which it is understood to be developing with Setanta following Sky's withdrawal of the Sky Sports News channel from Virgin's platform in March, following a pricing disagreement.

Friday, 20 July 2007

Channel 4 news.

I have been told the following by my Virgin Media Insider tonight:

1. He is 99% sure Channel 4+1 will be on Virgin Media from the 20th of August [ But note that time of posting Virgin Channel is still TBC ].

2. More4+1 should be on Ex-Telewest at the end of this year according to many people I have spoke to, however there is no official announcement yet.

3. Virgin Media want the Ex-Telewest and Ex-ntl: networks synced up by the end of this year, theoretically eliminating the need for ex-ntl: or ex-Telewest, however, internally, the ex-ntl/ex-telewest/Bromley etc names will still be used.

Confirmed: Setanta Sports to join XL Pack.

Virgin Media is to offer customers who take Virgin Media's XL TV package an additional six Setanta Sports channels.

The cable group says this is not a "one-off" offer, and the extra channels - Setanta Sports 1, Setanta Sports 2, Setanta Golf, Racing UK, Celtic TV and Rangers TV - will form part of Virgin Media's TV XL package on an ongoing basis from July 26.

Plus Liverpool TV will appear on the XL Package from September.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Virgin Media to cut price of Setanta Sports pack?

I have been told by an Virgin Media insider that Setanta and Virgin are only days away from doing an deal that will 'reduced the price on the Setanta Sports Package'.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Liverpool FC TV to launch in Setanta Sports Pack?

Media Boy HQ have found this on Liverpool Web Site: 'LFC TV will also be available on cable via Virgin Media as part of the Setanta Sports Pack. Further details to be released shortly.'

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Media Guardian: Channel 4 set to launch Channel 4 +1.

Channel 4 is set a "+1" timeshift service on digital TV.

From August 20 Channel 4+1 will give viewers the chance to watch all the main network's programmes, but starting one hour later.

Channel 4+1 will be available to digital TV viewers with Virgin Media.