Monday, 23 April 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Media Boy reveal what set to move package from May 1st.

Here is the list of Channels changing on the 1st of May:

  • The Paramount Comedy Channel is moving from Starter TV to TV Size: L (all platforms)
  • Bloomberg is moving to Starter TV (for all platforms)
  • Nickelodeon is moving from Size: XL to Size: L

The following channels are set to also move on the Ex-Telewest:

  • MTV UK is moving from Size: XL to Size: L
  • MTV Hits is moving from Size: L to Size: XL
  • VH1 is moving from Size: XL to Size: L
  • VH1 Classic is moving from Size: L to Size: XL
  • Nick Toons is moving from Size: L to Size: XL
  • The Performance Channel is scheduled to be removed;
  • AND a new radio station - Premier Christian - is launching on Virgin Channel 968.

Info from my Virgin Media Insider. Liverpool FC to launch TV channel this summer.

Liverpool are finally set to unveil their own tv channel this summer - ingeniously entitled LFC TV.

Many supporters have wondered why the reds have been so slow in introducing a TV channel to go alongside the excellent official club website, but plans are now at an advanced stage. The club have advertised over 20 positions within the new media venture in today’s Guardian and in the media trade last Friday.

LFC TV is planned to broadcast seven days a week, and will no doubt be available on Sky and hopefully also on Virgin TV.

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Virgin Media update

My Virgin Media insider has told me the following:

Cartoon Network on Demand launches 26th April.

Some channels will be changing package on 1st May

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Virgin Media set to launch ITV on Demand?

My Virgin Media Insider has told me the following.

ITV are starting their 'On Demand' Channel on at the end of May. And my insider think that Virgin are only testing it out right now to see if Virgin can carry all of ITV On Demand from the start