Monday, 26 March 2007

Sky Movies reveal new look.

Here is the new hours for the Sky Movies viewers from the 4th of April:

There will be a Movies 1 pack, Movies 2 Pack or movies Mix pack

Movies 1 pack is:
401. Sky Movies Premiere [ 4pm - 2am ]*
403. Sky Movies Comedy [ 24 hours ]
405. Sky Movies Family [ 24 hours ]
408. Sky Movies Classics [ 24 hours ]
409. Sky Movies Modern Greats [ 24 hours ]

Movies 2 pack is:
402. Sky Movies Premiere + 1 [ 5pm - 3am ]*
404. Sky Movies Action & Thriller [ 24 hours ]
406. Sky Movies Drama [ 24 hours ]
407. Sky Movies Sci Fi & Horror [ 4pm - 4am ]
410. Sky Movies Indie [ 4pm - 4am ]**

*= Same Movies for ONE WEEK on at the same time everyday. [May look like this. ]
4pm Rocky Balboa
6pm The Queen
8pm Little Man
10pm See No Evil
12am Big Nothing

** = May appear on Ex-NTL [ Was Sky Movies 10 ].

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Virgin Media update.

In Motherwell [Ex-Telewest] according to the total channels in the V+ Technical page its gone from 283 to 285 last Wednesday.

And according to my Virgin Media insider: Virgin are set to do an deal in the next few weeks with Channel 4 to get More4 + 1 on Ex-Telewest. As well as TWO other channels [Names TBC.]

Info from Digital Spy.
Think Thane and Thane Direct are both back having signed a new deal with Virgin. But they're hidden on Ex-NTL Boxes testing right now.

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

New Channels may launch tomorrow.

Info from my Virgin Media insider:

I suspect that Discovery RealTime +1 ( Ch. 272 ) and Discovery RealTime Extra ( Ch. 274 ) may launch tomorrow as they have been testing now for a few weeks, I also suspect UKTV Drama + 1 and the Virgin TV Channel will launch soon.

Friday, 2 March 2007

Digital Spy: The Biography Channel to be rebrand as Bio from April.

The Biography Channel, a joint venture between BSkyB and A&E Networks, is to be rebranded as Bio from April.

A new logo and on screen identity will be launched, giving it a more contemporary look.

Head of marketing Michelle Danks said: "With a wider range of programming we felt that the old identity no longer reflected this change, or the growth of the channel from documentaries to entertainment, from classic to contemporary."

The Biography Channel can be seen on Virgin TV channel 242.

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Two new Kids channels set to launch on Virgin Media?

Two NEW Kids Channels maybe coming Virgin soon they are:

Tiny Pop

Virgin Media 'in talks' for new channels.

Virgin are in talks with all the channels on the network to get they extra channels like TCM2, Cartoon Network TOO & Nick Jr. 2 and much, much more.

Virgin Media axe Sky Basic Channels.

Virgin Media has today posted the following on their web site:

If you're wondering whats happened to your basic Sky channels, read on to find out more.

Got Sky Sports or Sky Movies?
Then you can relax, these services are not affected. So you can keep enjoying them - just as you've always done.
What's happened to the basic channels?
- As you may have heard, we've spent the last few weeks trying to make sure that all of Sky's channels remain on Virgin Media.
- But Sky asked us to pay such an unrealistically high price that keeping them would mean asking you to pay the kind of increase that is simply unfair.
- We refuse to stand by and see our customers get ripped off.
- So thanks to Sky, some of their non-premium channels, like Sky One and Sky News have disappeared from our service.

Virgin Media set to launch new channels this month?

My Virgin Media insider has told me a following today:

"Virgin Media have plans to release more Virgin channels between now and May but i can not give you any more information than that."