Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Guardian: BBC3 set to go online only as trust backs plans to scrap TV channel

Information from Guardian online:

BBC Trust has today back BBC plans to close BBC Three.

  • BBC Three and BBC Three HD is now set to close in January 2016.
  • BBC Trust rejected another proposal to launch a new BBC1+1 channel in place of BBC3 because of its likely impact on commercial rivals including ITV and Channel 5.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Monday updates: Channels rebrands

Sky Movies Greats Brit has now been rebrand back to Sky Movies Greats on Virgin Media and UPC Ireland.
Sky Movies Greats Brit HD has now been rebrand back to Sky Movies Greats HD on Virgin Media and UPC Ireland.
MTV CLASSIC has now been rebrand as MTV SUMMER on UPC Ireland.

Latest News from Media Boy HQ on new channels testing

Last updated June 29th at 21:53:

Media Boy Blog will keep updating this post to give you all the latest information we can reveal on this post.

Confrimed: V0-- is for Virgin on Demand

Cable Forum poster spiderplant has tonight confirmed that V0-- is NOT for any new Channels on Virgin Media - just for Virgin on Demand.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Virgin Media: Virgin Media signs BT Sport Europe line-up

Info from Virgin Media:

Virgin Media today announces BT Sport Europe will join its existing sporting line-up, already the most comprehensive available for UK sports fans in one place.

The new channel will be available to Virgin Media customers from launch on 1 August.

Full details of how it will be incorporated into Virgin Media sports packages will be announced soon.

Media Boy HQ know and sit on info since Tuesday Afternoon that both Virgin Media and BT was in negotiations over BT Sport Europe.

We also seen info on how long this new deal for BT Sport Europe may last for. But as of June 25th no confirmed info has been given to us.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Virgin Media 8 new channels

Virgin Media has today launch the following channels:

  • PIN Protection Help has launch today on Virgin Channel 968.
  • PIN Protection Help has launch today on Virgin Channel 981.
  • BBC Red Button HD has launch today on Virgin Channel 990.
  • BBC Red Button 2 has launch today on Virgin Channel 992.
  • BBC Red Button 3 has launch today on Virgin Channel 993.
  • BBC Red Button 4 has launch today on Virgin Channel 994.
  • BBC Red Button 5 has launch today on Virgin Channel 995.
  • BBC Red Button 6 has launch today on Virgin Channel 996.
also BBC RB 1 has been rebrand as BBC Red Button 1 on Virgin Channel 991.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Rumour: Viacom to give Channel 5 new look this week

Digital Spy Forum is tonight reporting that Viacom are set to unveil an new look this week for Channel 5.

EXCLUSIVE: Media Boy HQ Monday round up

We got word back from an Virgin Source last on Friday night.

We did ask if any new channels are set to launch but we was only told:

"Can't say much about new channels cause there doesn't seem to be a great deal."

But they also given us an DNP order to be reveal by Mid-Summer 2016. We have been reading it all weekend to see if we are not seeing things.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Rumour: UPC Ireland set to be rebrand as Virgin Media

Story from the Sunday Times:

UPC Ireland, the digital cable provider, is drawing up plans to rebrand the company as Virgin.

Industry sources said the rebrand would cost at least €2m and would give the company potentially a new consumer-friendly brand that would help it develop new areas of business.

UPC Ireland has been merged into Virgin Media’s corporate structure. In December 2014.

And Sky Sports News HQ HD, Sky News HD and Nat Geo Wild HD has launch on Virgin Media since the start of 2015 moving over from UPC Ireland areas.

©The Sunday Times.

No confirm from Virgin Media or UPC Ireland on this post as of June 21st.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

BBC: Summer 2015 on BBC Red Button

BBC will launch two Red Button Channels for Glastonbury on Virgin Media:
  • BBC Red Button 2: Virgin Channel 992.
  • BBC Red Button 3: Virgin Channel 993.
  • There will be six extra streams with live access from a range of stages. Our Red Button+ app is supported by Virgin TiVo.

Virgin Media Channel news - June 2015 latest

  • Premier Sports on XL Package until August 10th.
  • Any one who have XL and pays for Premier Sports will be credited back via an automated credit adjustment.
  • Premier Sports is only on XL Packages via your TV box and not on TV Anywhere.
  • Virgin Media has confirmed that The Africa Channel will re launch soon on Virgin Channel 289.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Local TV on MB Blog: Ofcom announced That's Carlisle to run local TV in Carlisle

Ofcom has today announced the licence to run a local TV service for Carlisle has gone to That’s Carlisle.

Monday, 15 June 2015

MB Views: What channels from UPC Ireland may launch on Virgin Media?

We think Virgin Media may launch the following channels in all areas:
  • History HD
  • CI HD
  • MTV Classic
  • Disney Channel HD
We think Virgin will NOT launch any of the following channels:
  • Fashion TV
  • EWTN
  • UCB Ireland
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Thursday, 11 June 2015

TV5 is free on Virgin Media until Sunday

TV5 is free on Virgin Channel 825 until Sunday to non XL Viewers.

Sky Sports to launch Ashes channel in July

Sky Sports has confirmed that Sky Sports 2 and Sky Sports 2 HD will be rebrand on July 1st as Sky Sports Ashes and Sky Sports Ashes HD until September 1st on both Virgin Media and UPC Ireland.

Africa Channel set to remove from Virgin?

Africa Channel is not broadcasting as of 2pm today on Virgin Channel 289. But started up again on Sky yesterday.

Media Boy HQ has no info that time of posting on if Africa Channel will start broadcasting again on Virgin Channel 289 or is set to be removed by next Thursday along with Sky Arts 2 and Sky Arts 2 HD.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Four channels rebrand as Sky Arts 2 closes

The following things has happen today:
  • Sky LivingIt has been rebrand as Real Lives on Virgin Channel 122.
  • Sky LivingIt +1 has been rebrand as Real Lives on Virgin Channel 160.
  • Sky Arts 1 has been rebrand as Sky Arts on Virgin Channel 281.
  • Sky Arts 1 HD has been rebrand as Sky Arts 1 HD on Virgin Channel 282.
  • Sky Arts 2 closes on Virgin Channel 283.
  • Sky Arts 2 HD closes on Virgin Channel 284.
  • ESPN has been rebrand as BT Sport//ESPN on Virgin Channel 529.
  • ESPN HD has been rebrand as BT Sport//ESPN HD on Virgin Channel 530.

Monday, 8 June 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Premier Sports to join XL Pack this Summer

Virgin Sources has confirmed that Premier Sports will join the XL Pack from June 10th for two months.

Premier Sports can be found on Virgin Channel 551.

We have also been told that talks are ongoing with BT over BT Sport Europe.

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Thursday, 4 June 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Six new channels testing, Five been remove from Total Channels

We can now reveal that the following channels are now testing on Virgin Media:

Sky to relaunch Sky Real Lives next week

Sky Living It ceases broadcasting on Virgin channel 122 and UPC Channel 158 at 6am on Tuesday 9 June.

Sky Real Lives takes over immediately on the same day, same channel from 6am.
Info from TV and Satellite Week and Old Boy.